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A Simple Vintage Rose​​​​​​​​

Personal Gift Vintage Rose

​​This month I have decided to practice some restraint with design.

Chessie at ‘Just fine designs’ creates Custom personalized designs for many gifts and products. (I am Chessie by the way), with at times too much enthusiasm for color and elements.

So using The modern trend to declutter your life I decided to use the same thought process to

declutter some of my designs.

Personal Gift Vintage Rose

It all began with a simple rose –just one romantic, single, vintage rose. ​​

​​This month the personalized products are custom Wedding invitations and Wedding stationary to complete a Wedding suite.

‘Hmmm’, how to create a personal, elegant, custom wedding design with just a few lines and simple color, removing all the unnecessary elements?

Okay back to that one simple, vintage Rose.

Now, Roses to me ooze romance, elegance and timeless charm.

The rose symbolises delicate beauty and love,

the rose is considered a symbol of balance( Bride and Groom)

and the beauty of the Rose flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings.

Wow! Who would have guessed all of that meaning from one little Rose flower

Elegant Vintage Rose Custom Wedding Stationary


As this month is scheduled as my wedding month all of this information is perfect.

(Not my wedding as such, but working on my Wedding suite designs here, at Just fine designs!)

I took the Rose image and decided not to crowd it out with too much clutter.

Custom Wedding Invitation , Vintage Rose

I must admit it wasn’t easy, not filling up that wonderful white space on the card with lashings of soft pinks, deep reds and wispy blues.

All colors from an older time of romantic Wedding invitations.

The resulting custom design has the single, vintage Rose faded into the background as if calling from a past era.

Simple Art Deco lines frame the text, which is a revitalised elegant hand written Script.

personalized Elegant Vintage Rose Wedding Rehearsal Diner Card

And it all feels very uncluttered. A custom, personalized uncluttered design.

And to top it all a Monogram combining the Bride and Grooms initials is featured on the Wedding stationary. A simple touch to really personalize the invitation.

All you need is to seal the deal (or the envelope ) with your simple Monogram personal stamp or sticker.


Enjoy Chessie.

Custom personal rose gifts

P.S. I learnt a lot about the meaning of a Rose this month.

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