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Holiday Winter with a Sprinkle of Sunshine and a Shake of Salt.

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday about to happen there is

excitement in the Northern air.

And following closely is the Christmas / Holiday season.

So we decided to shake our designs up a bit for the season by adding a shake of salt along with a handful of sand and a whole lot of Sunshine.

A range of Holiday and Christmas gifts and invitations with a Summer theme turning the Northern Hemisphere Winter season on it s head.

Instead of an Ugly Jumper Holiday topic imagine a Holiday Party with a Summer theme.

Personal Gifts that will take the chill out of the air and when you are all snowed in planning your next Holiday escape, on your laptop, with the inspiration from the custom laptop skin beach photo.

Putting on the custom socks with a beach theme will keep the toes cosy while playing a round of Beach themed cards.

Radiating some warmth into the Holiday and Christmas season.


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