Palm Trees, Leopards and Men in outrageous, tropical shirts. Custom Home décor.

Palm Tree Vintage Tropical Elegant Throw Pillow by Just_Fine_Designs

Until these strange times of 'Lockdown' I hadn’t really thought too much about not being able to visit glorious tropical beaches, blue waters, and beach bars.

The muted beige and greens of tropical palm trees and philodendron and banana leaves take me back to another era that has always been exotic.

(Especially when the era included good looking Men in outrageous, loose fitting shirts).

Think Florida, Magnum PI and Tommy Bahamas.

So I have decided to extend the range of Palm tree designs on custom products to remind me that times will return to normal and we will be able to travel again and visit the laid back exotic beaches of the softly swaying palm tree.

The style is my favourite and is called 'British Colonial' and of course Chessie's Fine Designs has added custom home decor products, in the British Colonial Style, to the store.

Tiger Pattern Palm Tree Leopard Print Personal Throw Pillow by Chessie's_

Design blogger Lisa Farmer (Eye for Design)

Explains the connection between the British Victorian Era (1837-1901) and tropical patterns.

Chessie's Fine Designs

As the British Empire encompassed parts of Africa, America, the West Indies, and India, its British subjects, who were sent around the world to the colonies, were exposed to a wide range of design influences.

And they brought these influences home where they help shape an image of the tropics for those who had never been.

Leopard Pattern Jungle Green Leaves Monogram Serving Tray by Just_Fine_Designs

The British Colonial Style known for its colors, illustrations of tropical flora and fauna, and airy atmospheres.

Tropical Palm Tree Stylish Marbled Personal Classic Round Sticker.

Monogram Tropical Palm Elegant Stylish Ceramic Knob by Chessie's_Fine_Designs

Now I have learnt something! Even though I have been always drawn to home décor products with this style I did not know that it had a name much less formed part of a style reaching back for some time.


Chessie. x

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