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A Christmas Holiday Wedding? What a Good Idea. 5 Great Ideas for your Christmas Seasonal Wedding.


Even celebrities choose seasonal weddings.

Actress Mandy Moore and musician Taylor Goldsmith held a seasonal wedding in 2018

A Christmas wedding, well why not?

There are many reasons for a Christmas wedding.

Often all the family will have already thought about getting together and a wedding will only add to the season's festivities.

There will be an abundance of decorations already brightening up buildings and streets for this special season.

You will never forget your wedding anniversary ( how could you?)

And both special events, Christmas and a Wedding bring joy to all involved.

christmas wedding pampas grass and protea custom invitation

A Bit of History and the Penny Wedding.

Christmas Weddings are not new.

In fact seasonal romance was very common before Unionization.

What do unions have to do with marriage you may well ask?

Before unions it was the only guaranteed day off work when the nuptials could take place.

Churches offered free weddings on Christmas day with many being performed in groups.

These weddings were known as Penny weddings and apparently some London churches still perform penny weddings during the Christmas season as festive charity.

Nowadays Weddings are not often performed on Christmas day itself as they prove to be expensive and working conditions have improved so that we all have more than a day off only at Christmas time.

But Christmas season weddings are still very popular.

Red and Greens are the traditional colors of Christmas.

And a gesture to these colors can even be used in your gown or your wedding party outfits and suits.

However you do not have to limit your colors to just reds and greens.

For example silver and blues to reflect the season of the snowflakes also work well.

And of course if you are in the southern hemisphere, though red and greens still dominate the season is summer.

Where Bright florals or aqua blues reflecting the ocean and warmer weather will be popular.

christmas wedding rustic pampas grass and protea custom invitation

5 Great Ideas for your Christmas Seasonal Wedding.

1. Pick a theme and colors that reflects the time of year wherever you are. It is likely that places will already have decorations up.

2. At Christmas time people become busy with Christmas plans so no matter the weather it is a good idea to send out your invitations a little earlier than normal for your wedding to ensure that your special guests can be there.

3. In colder climates flowers will be more expensive at this time of the year so be creative instead of floral table centres use candles decked out in your chosen colors or silver fern and small pine cones.

4. Incorporate the Christmas theme in your wedding favors Such as Christmas crackers in your wedding theme on the table or bride and groom monogramed Christmas baubles as gifts for your guests.

5. Serve a Christmas cocktail or traditional drink such as eggnog at your feast or better still label your own wine and keep it to open on future wedding anniversaries

wedding wine custom wine labels protea pampas grass christmas

After all you are unlikely to forget you Christmas wedding anniversary!

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