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94 Ways to Grow Old (Mothers Day 2020)

Mothers day

mothers day custom gifts

The experts in blogging say that readers enjoy numbers such as 7 ways to wear a hat or 5 essential travel accessories.

Well as it is Mother’s Day soon how is this for a number--- 94.

My mother is 94.

94 years old!

My mother is old!

Maybe in the year 2060, 94 will not be considered so old but for the moment, well.

So here are 94 ways to grow old.

Only kidding!

I am not going to write 94 ways that my mother reached 94 however I can write a list about all the favourite ways she is still living her life and celebrating Mothers day.

1) A facial.

It doesn’t matter what age every woman feels better after a good exfoliation and steam. It doesn’t matter if it is a Spa voucher or a DYI facial ---- At the moment, with this horrible virus still active I guess the DYI option is our only choice. Either way a relaxing facial makes any Mother smile whether she is 24 or 94!

2) A new bag.

A new bag excites a Mother (well actually any woman). It is so satisfying emptying the old into the new.

Every women can show of their style by the bag they choose whether it is a shopping bag or evening clutch.

Even a modern, chic 94 year old, like my Mum.

mothers day custom gift tote bag zazzle made

3) A bunch of flowers.

I think this is my favourite, delivered or home grown.

We have been aware of the symbolic meaning of flowers for centuries and nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers.

Now for a mother the perfect flower match is the Violet.

Violet -- Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty. Perfect for a Mothers day bunch.

4) Family gathering.

Okay I have changed my my mind, may be this is my Mother's favourite. Oh i actually think it is the favourite of all Mothers,

both young and old.

The image is of organized food platters being placed on a table set with matching accessories and name places so that

everyone will dutifully sit at their allocated place.

Well, we can imagine anyway.

As we know, everyone gathers and sits where they want with total disregard for name places.

Then the guests will proceed to move all the the table accessories so that nothing matches up.

The pink unicorn cups, are now being used by the Aunties to put their champagne in and the elegant family monogramed napkins are being spread over the backyard!

custom napkins mothers day zazzle made

A real reality check.

However reality is, at the moment, those family gatherings will not be happening until this rotten Corona Virus is contained.

Maybe the next Mothers day gathering could have a Sanitation theme.

A simple card

Believe it or not Mother’s Day was not made up by commercial card makers as another way to make money.

There was a celebration in Ancient Greece that honoured the Mother of the Gods: Rhea. So centuries ago.

A few simple words even if they are ‘love from’ reminds a Mother that they are being thought of.

mothers day personal greeting card zazzle made

We love you Mom (Mum) x

Chessie x

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