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The Good The Bad and the Covid. So Cheers to New Years! And The Two Faced Janus.

I have gladly joined in many a New Year Eve’s celebration.

new years eve party custom invitations party accessories celebrations

New Years Eve Party Custom Invitations.

Watching fireworks and happily counting down the last seconds until the midnight chime clangs and the year moves from one into another.

But this year it will be a little different . Less people gathering outside , everyone wearing masks however there will be a celebration for not only the New Year but also for a leaving behind the year of the Covid virus.

This year we decided to extend the range . I call it the 'Toilet Paper Abundance'

New Year Corona Toilet Rolls Black Gold Sparkle Ceramic Ornament

A Bit of History.

The new year wasn't always celebrated in January.

The Ancient Roman calendar used to follow the lunar cycle, and had the new year beginning in March. Aligning with the equinox

Caesar decided to begin his new ‘Julian’ Calendar

starting the new year in January. This

was done to honor the Roman god Janus.

Janus has two faces, and is able to look back into the past and forward into the future simultaneously.

Seeing the past year and the year still to come.

The two faces of the god Janus.

Throwing a Party.

This term, throwing a party, always reminds me of the Musical 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' which has absolutely nothing to do with this article except for the party bit!

the rocky horror picture show

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Anyway, it is rumoured that those Ancient Romans knew how to party putting our modern day celebrations to shame.

Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts with one another, decorating their homes with laurel branches and attending raucous parties.

new years eve party hat new years celebration

These girls are probably descended from Ancient Romans. However, here they are official 'New Years Party Hat' testers. by Chessie's Fine Designs on Zazzle.

A Global Celebration.

However, on New Years Eve there is a lot of celebrating all around the globe.

The Spaniards Eat 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight.

And while the Spanish are busy eating Grapes, in the USA champagne is flowing to cheer in the New Year.

In Scotland Whiskey is served all whilst singing the sentimental ballad ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

While many make New Year resolutions to make the next year the 'Best Year Ever'.

custom new years eve party invitations new years celebrations

New Years Party Photo Champagne Fun Invitation by Chessie's Fine Designs on Zazzle.

New Year’s Eve is full of so many traditions that we can be choosy about the ones we want to follow and those we don't.

New Year Corona Quarantini Martini Cocktail Green Ceramic Ornament

Which ever way you choose to celebrate

Here is Cheers to the New Years and better days to come !

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