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Hi I'm Chessie


Chessie's Fine Designs.

I've been a designer all my life, I just didn't know it!

Forever playing  with paint and colors.  Then I found a digital drawing program and my art and designs went from paint to pixels.

And then looked what happened! 

My Designs, made with love and great enthusiasm, found their way to a range of items.   

Helping you find your perfect custom gift, tote bag, iPhone case,  and many other unique personal products,  personal stationary or Wedding stationary.

Chessie's Fine Designs has chosen 

 Zazzle's Print on Demand (POD) Service and  quality partners to fulfill your order. 


Ensuring customers receive high quality products that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



This experience makes your custom product truly your own. 

Custom stationary for Weddings, Baby showers, Special birthdays, the Office and more.

Custom and personal Home decor, unique designs on clothing, unique designs on a range of products. 

Fun Bright Seagull Beach Scene Casual Slip-On Sneakers
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 8.53.20 am.png

I have been helped along my Zazzle journey by a ‘dynamic duo’ Elke and Jen Clarke. These women have put together an amazing range of courses and support you all the way.  Fun and enthusiastic teaching has also developed a very supportive community of designers. Click on the Profit by Design Logo if you want to join.  I will receive a commission if you join.



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