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Pomegranates And Lemons: The History of the Wedding Invitation.

I did start to write about the huge range there is to be found in Botanical designs for wedding invitations but was side tracked by some history of the wedding invite.

In the 1700s (when wedding invitations apparently began to emerge) most people couldn’t read or write so wedding invitations were announced usually by the Town Crier.

Which meant, of course, that the entire town was invited.

The wealthier families, who could afford to, have a monk write out the invitations in a beautiful calligraphy. Usually with the family crest embossed on the invitation.

A Family Logo

The crest was included so that the family who was hosting the wedding were easily identifiable to those guests who could not read. (A bit like a family logo).

An Interesting 'Tidbit'

Now this little ‘tidbit’ I found interesting. The servants would hand deliver the invitations, the ones written out be the monks, and as they had to usually travel on horse back on dusty roads the envelope would become soiled.

So double envelopes began to be used. The servant would deliver the invitation by hand to the butler or housekeeper who would remove the outer envelope leaving a clean invitation envelope to be given to the Master or mistress of the house.

Don’t You Just Love Trivia!

Back to the Botanical subject though.

Botanical patterns have been an on going theme in Wedding Invitations.

With an abundance of botanicals out there you can always find a color, pattern or theme to match your personal wedding plans.

They can lend a touch of elegance to the Wedding party, like a bright welcoming theme of Yellow Lemons spread throughout your Wedding, from your custom Wedding invitations to the venue table settings.

Elegant Tropical Palm

Palm Tree Elegant Modern Chic  wedding invitation

Botanicals can be bright, bold and out there such as a tropical themed Summer Wedding. Wonderful Hibiscus in their range of colors, large tropical philodendron leaves and bunches of tropical feather ferns to adorn your tables or hang from the rafters giving the impression of being in a jungle. And speaking of a tropical Wedding nothing is as iconic as the elegant Palm Tree. Long trunks with a canopy of softly swaying palm fronds.

Pomegranates And Lemons

How ever my favourites are the Botanical fruits. From lemons to pomegranates on personal Wedding stationary the fruits hang from tree branches over maybe a monogram of the bride and grooms initials or with a wreath framing their names.

It gives such as sense of, dare I say it ‘fruitfulness’, the impression of abundance in a couples life as they celebrate their wedding, with the branches either carrying low hanging fruit or flowers decorating all aspects of the day.

Abundance in life, not just money, but health happiness and of course LOVE.

With fruitful abundance

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