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‘Om’, on my own Personal Yoga Mat.

Personal Yoga and Active Wear  Products

The serenity of yoga class is rather addictive and I wouldn’t be the first to confess to nearly falling asleep in the Shavasana pose after a practice.

Lying there peacefully on my yoga mat with the teachers mellow

voice convincing my body to relax.

But of course Yoga is only part of the active lifestyle.

I am laughing as I write that last line as I was speaking of falling asleep at the end of a yoga class!

Well it would have been an active sleep.

But really Yoga makes me feel strong not only in body but also in mind. I can do anything while in that class.

But one of the main things I do is think about what clothes to wear to class. Don’t laugh it is true.

Being active has generated a whole new range of fashion requirements.

No longer do you pull on the oldest pair of tracksuit pants and your most threadbare t-shirt.


The leggings are now a fashion statement themselves, which requires having more than one set of personally designed leggings in your cupboard.

And the t-shirt what a choice we have. Sleeves, long, short, sleeveless, loose, tight all over print or with an inspirational quote printed on the front. You need it all.

And I happily join in, as even my personal Yoga mat has a custom design on it.

Serenity, Strength and Om


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