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Little By Little A Zebra

As mentioned in the previous blog Chessie started life in Tanzania. So it is no surprise that Africa has always been a source of keen interest and design inspiration.

On the border of Tanzania and Kenya is the amazing plain of the Serengeti national park, home to many African animals including herds of Zebra.

Though usually a placid animal they are wild and untameable, there is no denying their unique coat colourings don’t need to be tamed.

(I am just imagining the instagram shots as I type.)

The home Décor range from Just Fine Designs is based on the unique design found on the Zebra coats.

The simple black and white is always such a startling contrast in color.

Straight to the point. No indecision yet still taking both ends of the colour spectrum to make a crisp impact.

Zebra inspired ceiling lamp

Tanzania is also an old, rich culture. One of the many proverbs claimed by Tanzanian is the proverb proclaiming

‘Little by Little a Little Becomes A Lot’ not a bad ethos to adapt.

Just Fine Designs has incorporated these words into many of its Zebra designs.

A throw pillow for the lounge has the words printed over the Zebra design, as does a set of drink coasters among other designs.

On other items the Zebra design has been left to promote itself as on the hanging lampshade, which has a tinge of orange to represent the Serengeti plains.

There is also a range that can have your own Monogram on personalizing the product for you.

Travel tip

Even though the park is located just south of the equator it can be surprisingly cool in the evenings due to its altitude. So don’t forget to pack something warm.

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