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Mermaids; Have you ever felt like a mermaid in disguise?

Updated: Feb 20

Have you ever felt like a mermaid in disguise?

With such a rich and varied history, the symbol of the mermaid is as changeable as the sea itself.

In medieval times, mermaids were thought of as normally existing beside other sea creatures such as whales.

Sailors and residents in coastal towns around the world told of encountering the sea maidens.

Mermaids were sometimes beautiful, seductive maidens—almost goddesses, greatly desired by lonely sailors,

while also being cast as siren-esque beasts that dragged men into the inky-black depths.

Modern mermaid reports are very rare, but they do occur.

An example, in 2009 claimed that a mermaid had seen sighted off the coast of Israel in the town of town of Kiryat Yam. It (or she) performed a few tricks for onlookers just before sunset, then disappearing for the night.

Mermaids may be ancient, but they are still popular; Ariel the little mermaid from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson still lives on in Disney’s movie of the same name with Ariel as the star.

So for any young person or not so young person wanting to be a mermaid here are 5 ideas of how to be a mermaid.

5 Ideas of how to be a Mermaid.

1) Improve your swimming skills. You can learn to free dive or scuba dive. Explore the mermaid realm by learning these underwater skills

2) Mermaids actually did not comb their hair. Grow your hair and style into long curly locks and decorate with seashells Mermaids actually did not comb their hair leading to long dreadlock like locks decorated with seaweed.

3) Decorate with mermaid themes. Decorate like a mermaid with a seaside or under the sea theme. Bedroom and especially bathroom décor it is easy to find mermaid themes.

4) Wear seashells. Wear a mermaid tale or a tight long flowing skirt and a seashell bikini top. Wear seashell and coral jewellery.

Mermaid Cute Beach Swimming Personal Towel

5) A Mermaid Name. And this is my favourite for being a mermaid in disguise—give yourself a mermaid name such as Ariel – we all know who she is. Sirena the siren of the sea and Viviane --- lady of the lake .

Mermaid in Disguise

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