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Chinese Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival.

In the last blog I wrote about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah and staying on this international festival theme this blog is about the Asian Moon festival or Mid Autumn harvest festival.

This year (2020) the Festival will be on October 1st.

Different continents seem to have their own versions of the same celebrations and obviously the Asian Moon festival is a version of a Harvest festival.

There are many legends about the Moon festival however the one that I remember being told when I lived in Asia was the Legend of the Jade Rabbit which goes a bit like this.

“The story goes about that three immortals reincarnated themselves into three poor old people and begged food from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The fox and monkey both gave food to the immortals. However, the rabbit did not have any food. It then said to the immortals: “you can eat me” and jumped into the fire. The immortals were so moved by the rabbit and sent it to the moon to become an immortal jade rabbit.”

Of course living in Asia it was a great excuse to join in another celebration and eat delicious, specialty cakes in the form of Moon cakes.

Moon cakes are sweet, stuffed pastries.

So Chessie's Fine Designs has put out a range of designs on custom invitations, party accessories and Moon cake boxes to help celebrate this harvest festival.

The favour boxes are made for Zazzle by Foremost Communications and feature my Moon cake festival designs and are just perfect for putting a special celebration Moon Cake inside.

Happy Moon Bathing!

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