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The Branding of The Startled Gecko.

The Startled Gecko

It is always interesting where a brand develops from so here is the simple story of the development (if you can call it that) of Just Fine Designs ‘The Startled Gecko’.

The startled gecko seems so random when it comes to a brand and the little fellow will change over time as the brand grows but he is a good start when there is a branding blank.

Both the gecko brand and the name ‘Just Fine Designs’ came about while working on some children’s art.

The pantry has been a favourite of this gecko and when the pantry door was opened un-expectantly one day this little gecko jumped off the tomato sauce bottle where he had been hiding, looking quite startled, just as in the logo.

He then became the centre piece of a children’s illustration. Now the 'Just Fine' bit comes after a child who the art piece was for and who had heard the screams as the gecko had launched himself out of the cupboard, asked are you “just fine?’


At the time with no real niche product but a range of eclectic designs the phrase ‘Just Fine’ as a name and the 'Startled Gecko' seemed as good a logo as any.

He had got my heart pumping with a bit of excitement so the thought is he could head up a range of exciting designs that Just Fine Designs have on an amazing range of products available on Zazzle.

After dispensing with many other branding ideas and other business names it becomes all so easy and spontaneous.

Now Geckos are not a new species to Chessie (the owner of Just Fine Designs) in fact Geckos have been around for most of her life. Being born in Tanzania where the critters are plenty Chessie grew up with the ‘chit chit’ sound that they make. With the move to Brunei (Borneo) the gecko sound never really registered, as it was part f the background noise of life.

So it turns out the Geckos are also in Australia and jumping out of pantries! And all is still ‘Just Fine’.


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