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Boho Luxe (or Butterflies are Free)

With long flowing hair and rich, though threadbare fabrics, Boho’s Style stands out in a crowd.

Along with floral head garlands and free fluid outfits, to me it is color that plays the main role in the telling of the Boho culture.

The style has been called bohemian, hippie aesthetic and now Boho.

But whatever name it goes by all rules about color is thrown out the window. Brights of any hue are mixed with even more exotic patterns.

Textures such as jute and velvet are added to enhance the creativeness of the free flowing; clothing, handbags sandals, pillows etc, etc.

It all clashes into one fabulous burst of carefree expressive Boho culture.

And it isn’t new.

Boho style has for 200 years (Yes it has been around that long) been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashions.

The latest Boho fashion revolution is the neo hippie revolution of the late 60s

(but with a lot less drugs ----yes, really!) And I love it. ‘Butterflies Are Free’ and ‘Godspell’

Hey! Even the color purple (or ultraviolet) is back in fashion.

It’s influencing my designs and I haven’t had to restrain myself when it comes to making sure colors fit together!

In fact my Boho Luxe wedding range, with a paisley texture design and a choice of purple/ ultraviolet color or greens/ yellows and blues had my ‘Creative’ go into over drive. If I could have I would have glued some velvet and twine to the invites to add to the textures!

Peace, Love and Understanding Man. Chessie

Tip: Seek out those old 75’s ( you know the old vinyl records ) to get your Boho back on.

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