There is a Problem. ( A Colorful One)

I have a problem, not saying it is a bad problem but a problem none the less it is a problem, and it is with color.

You see I cannot restrain myself when it comes to color

in design, (as it is a lot of the design’s colors are pared back).

The brighter and ‘fussier’ the better. I could no more create a simple black and white design than fly to the moon.

Even the Zebra collection has an added stripe of orange color to include a touch of the African Savannah sunset, it couldn’t be left alone.

Restraint with color is not really part of the Just Fine Design’s skills.

Take the Aqua Blue Boho design In Just Fine Designs catalogue on Zazzle (, now the colors were inspired by an amazing picture of a bug from Pinterest.

The patchwork of colors had to be toned down however the fun, happy feeling these colors evoke hopefully have stayed in the design.

The purple and green swirls of the Boho luxe wedding design describes the rich mix of textures, colors and freedom of the past Hippie and now recent Boho culture. It is exciting and is not holding back when it comes to being noticed.

2018’s color of the year is perfect for the Ultraviolet and Orange designed wedding stationary. The deep ultraviolet envelopes you, as if covering you with a soft, luxurious blanket.

I know that sounds over the top however it makes me feel lavish and the design uses plenty of ultraviolet!

So this month the palette will be --- ‘ta da’-- any color goes, and goes together!

Next month, maybe some restraint could be practiced when it comes to color, then again…

I am sure I am not alone here. Anyone else have a

colorful little problem?


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