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Recently I have been on a vacation to New Zealand.

So I get carried away with the photos.

(Check a few of them out on customisable products at my Just Fine Designs Zazzle store.)

I have a new phone with a great camera and lots of research under my belt on how to take a great snap (all those YouTube videos) it was just too easy to click away at anything that moves and many things that don’t move as well!

With the promise to myself to that I will edit all the blurred, boring, etc., etc. images that evening and delete all but the very best of the 604 ‘Mountain’ images.

Well after fiddling with my photo editor I now have 721 ‘Mountain’ images many with various edits and a total of none being deleted.

Thank heavens for external storage banks!

Anyway I had a wonderful, energetic vacation. Lots of hikes and white water, and

‘Ta Dah’--- amazing photos.

So I couldn’t just leave them hanging in an external storage unit.

Instead, after a lot more playing with the photo editor I am adding them to many products on my Zazzle store including a skateboard!

I have many favourites but an image of Endeavour Inlet, New Zealand----called ‘Serenity’, I have put onto a wall Tapestry. This Tapestry is for looking at every morning to giving a calm start to the day.


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