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A Floral Zebra?

I have been given a personal gift of my Grandma’s dainty porcelain cup and saucer decorated with Western Australian Wildflowers, very old fashion, gorgeous but not for me. Or so I thought!

So I put them away, you know, for when I am a Grandma and taking afternoon tea with my other grandmotherly friends.

However on a recent trip to Western Australia I fell in love with the stunning array of wildflowers. Colorful wild blooms growing on the Western Australia desert plains.

On Another continent, with amazing Wildflowers, also roams wild animals.

A while back I wrote a blog about the Stunning Serengeti in Tanzania, a plain alive with Wildflowers and Wild animals. Two very diverse continents.

Unable to decide which I love the most I decided not to make a decision.

Combining the two plains in a design that brings their Wild colourful life together.

A design that is both elegant and modern, I have put into my Zazzle store, on custom monogram pillows and personal stationary.

Adding a bit of chic to the personal wine tote, it has a custom monogram to make a perfect personal gift. I am even thinking it could be a suitable design for a custom destination wedding.

Standby and check out Just Fine Designs on Zazzle.

Flora and Fauna. Beautiful pink blooms against the iconic black and white Zebra stripe, all put together on personal gifts and custom invitations.

The untamed Western Australia wildflowers with their stunning array of diverse colourful blooms and the untamed Wild Zebra with its placid nomadic nature.


I now have a whole new appreciation of Grandma’s cherished porcelain Wildflower cups and saucers.


Travel tip: Visit Western Australia to take full advantage of the 12000 Wildflowers blooms 60% of which are only found in Western Australia

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