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Wine and Sunshine

Custom Wine Bottle label with a Gold Medal

While North Americans are preparing for winter, and the Celebration of

Thanksgiving, down here in the Southern Hemisphere Spring is here.


Arms are exposed and faces are turned upwards towards the sunshine.

Just Fine Designs Spring Butterfly

It’s a bit like butterflies coming out of a winter hibernation phase.

People flitter around visiting bars and having picnics in lovely green parks.

Spring Sunshine at Just Fine Designs

We emerge from our artificially heated offices and homes and gather to soak up the sun.

We should have a collective celebration for when the Sun arrives and chases away all the grey heavy skies.

What could we call it? ----- Oh, what about calling it ‘Spring’.

And what goes well with Spring Sunshine and picnics?

Wine Tote  By Just Fine Designs ' Wine and Sunshine'

‘Plenty of Sunshine is the very wine of life,’ ( a quote by Elizabeth McNair Wright)

It sounds as though I am promoting some wine product!

No, just Spring.

But all this Sun worshipping is the inspiration behind ‘Just Fine Designs’ latest design offering on a range of custom party and picnic products.

Drink Coaster  By Just Fine Designs ' Wine and Sunshine'

Wine, Sunshine and good company.

Spring is here, enjoy!


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