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Wedding Memories or Dreaming of Getting Married in Los Vegas.

custom wedding memories keepsakes

One of the biggest commitments in your life is to promise to spend your life with another person.

To do this Many still go through the traditional Wedding ceremony.


In the West traditionally the ceremony is officiated by a celebrant or if in a church a minister. The bride wears a white gown and walks down the aisle on the arm of her father who gives her away to the groom, waiting for her at the altar with his best man.

Not the only way.

However, there are many other ways to tie the knot. there is the Kenyan Maasai tribes tradition of shaving bride’s head (twice), then paying a bride price where the groom brings three cows, all black, and two sheep to the family.

In India weddings are lavish affairs and are seen more as the social coming together of two families than the union of two individuals.

Indian wedding

In Mexico the wedding ceremony take place within the church. Godparents, Madrinas and Padrinos, (essential members of their Hispanic community who act as patrons at family events), play an important role in the tradition.

The Madrina de lazo carries a rope, which maybe a rosary or a wreath made from orange blossoms as a symbol of fertility, and is wound in a figure-eight around the couple’s heads. Lovely!

Wedding vows in LosVegas or no time to wait.

Los Vegas Wedding

I still want a Los Vegas wedding, I just have to convince my husband to get married again (to me of course).

A Los Vegas wedding is the quickest and least ceremonial way to tie the knot. All you need is a license, but then you have the choice of hundreds of wedding chapels, theme weddings, underwater weddings, and for those really in a hurry, drive-through weddings.


However no matter how you choose to make your vows it is always important to remember the event.

wedding pillow  custom photo keepsake

Keepsakes with photos, guestbooks, pillows, newspaper clippings of the announcements (very old school) make for wonderful memories. All to be pulled out and talked about even forty years later.

Happy memories

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