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5 Ideas for a Sustainable Custom Wedding. Love and Sunshine.

Beach sustainable custom wedding

Sustainable Weddings

beach wedding sustainable destination outside wedding

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There is a ‘buzz’ word going around, but it is a buzz word with real thought behind it.


The word is popping up from travel to the food you eat, and weddings and wedding planning has not been left out when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability is a large topic however the basic meaning is to avoid the depletion of our Earth’s natural resources.

Recycling glass bottles or composting food plant leftovers for example.

Even Royalty are joining the Sustainability trend with Princess Eugenie striving for a low impact Wedding at her recent nuptials.

Princess Eugenie had a ‘no plastic’ event as well using only local seasonal flowers.

Princess Eugenie used Seasonal flowers for her wedding.

If you are planning your custom wedding soon here are

5 Sustainability ideas for your big day.

1) A modern trend for a modern wedding.

Set up your own Wedding website, there are many easy and free options around such as

Then rather than sending information cards

have your guests check your wedding website

for all the extra details.

wedding custom business card website sustainable

2. Love and Sunshine.

Holding the wedding outdoors in natural sunlight will cut down on electricity usage and therefore your weddings carbon footprint. (I feel good about that already).

Plan a beach theme, outdoor festival or desert wedding, cutting down on energy and letting the Sun provide natural lighting.

If outdoors does not work for you look for a venue with lots of natural light and host a daytime wedding to save adding to the carbon footprint.

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desert custom wedding outdoors wedding sustainable zazzle made

Sustainable wedding beach natural light wedding

3) Be a Princess and use Seasonal Flowers.

Just like food some flower produces use chemicals to create their blooms.

There are companies that cut the flowers and have them to you within a few days.

Fresh, local and in season and grown without environment harming chemicals or having your blooms travel too far.

Look for ‘Veriflora’ certified which means the flowers aren’t grown with chemicals.

Use potted plants or potted flowers that can be taken home and replanted after the wedding.

There are also companies that will pick up your arrangements and repurpose them for places like Nursing homes.

PHEW! There is a lot to be done with those wedding flowers.

4) Make it Fresh.

And as with the Flowers above, source fresh, seasonal, locally grown food.

Saving on the carbon footprint as food will not have to travel far to reach your wedding table.

The farm-to-table movement is in full swing, meaning it's more accessible than ever to source healthy, environmentally friendly food.

Now I really like this idea.

herbs in terracotta pots table setting sustainable wedding ideas

‘Supplement your table decor with herb plants in terra cotta pots, like basil or cilantro, that guests can add straight to their dishes.’

5) Custom Wedding Guest Favors.

Sustainability is a worldwide movement so how about sending your guests home with a donation for a drinking Well in Cambodia or some Cows for a village in Africa.

Or---- use those beautiful fresh, seasonal, locally sourced flowers. Have scissors and twine ready for your friends to redo the blooms into bouquets to take home.

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To all you Earth Lovers Happy Sustainable Wedding Planning,

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