Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Watching the Christmas season ramp up around the just fine designs tree house office It got me wondering as to why so many of us do get into the spirit and decorate our yards and spend our time creatively placing colourful decorations on a tree that is not really native to us.

From my point of view it brings me Joy. Special effort to meet friends cook special dishes (and eat them). Personal Gifts and special toys, and especially watching the kids look of wonder at a large man dressed in a red suit surrounded by reindeer, or kangaroos if you are in Australia.

Another thing that brings me Joy is being creative and especially at this time of year finding new ways to present the time honoured icons of the Christmas period.

I can feel the creative muscle being stretched as I am typing.

I plan to incorporate some unicorns and eucalyptus leaves into my Christmas designs.

Unicorns are so popular at the moment that I thought a few reindeers might be feeling left out of the love.

Holly wreaths, which were one of the only botanicals around in the winter season, are replaced with a range of foliage as the modern world allows access to the global array of different plants.

My hands are twitching as I plan the theme for our Christmas season. Definitely a pool or ocean view with Santa in a singlet and maybe a game of beach cricket!

What brings you Joy at this time of the year?

Merry Christmas, Chessie.

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