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Beach Sun and Sand. 5 Reasons to Make the Beach a Post Covid-19 Destination.

Summer Sky Beach Ocean Blue Beautiful Canvas Print

Being confined to or our homes, with this crazy world under attack by a dangerous, teeny, tiny virus, many of my friends

(as well as me) are looking forward to the freedom to go wherever we choose.

And just about everyone I have spoken to want to visit the beach again

Why do so many of us love the beach?

It is a light question to ponder and I don’t know if there is a one answer.

So here at Chessie's Fine Designs we ask the question and here are some of the reasons why we love the beach.

The blue ocean and blue skies have a calming effect.

custom family beach house blue ocean zazzle made

1) Meditation

The rhythmic movement of the waves can be like a meditation tape, soothing with its regular and familiar sound.

I remember as a kid lying in bed of an evening, on a beach holiday, falling off to sleep with the rhythmic noise of the waves breaking along the shoreline.

The sound broken every now and then by a seagull squawking out some complaint!

Fun Custom Beach and Seagull Throw Pillow

2) The Only Place to Vacation

To many, the beach is always a vacation destination.

A sort of retreat into a carefree relaxed lifestyle, if only for a week or Summer Break.

3) A Cheap Spa Treatment

The exfoliating effect of the sand on our feet, followed by the cardiac workout, if the sand is hot, of walking quickly (or heaven forbid) running across the surface to get to the cooling water.

Beach Ocean Pool Blue Aqua Personal Flip Flops

Beach Ocean Pool Blue Aqua Personal Flip Flops.

4) A Free Gym

And continuing on with the exercise, the beach is a free gym with a swim in the ocean or even just standing knee deep as the waves attempt to push us over and take us to the shore.

Beach Sea Summer Ocean Life Colorful Personal Yoga Mat

5) A Tech Detox

And of course the sand and water are no place for technology so it is like a detox from the plugged in world, (not that I am against being plugged in!).

All this while absorbing Vitamin D and not radio waves.

Beach Ocean Pool Blue Aqua Personal Computer Sleeve

With its constant movement the distracting nature of the ocean allows for a mental break or mediation, sitting on the beach just staring and focusing on the sea and the expanse of sky calms the mind.

So while at home we can be planning our next beach vacation.

custom personal beach decor pillows posters. Zazzle

The beach and ocean seem to be a constant and not disappearing anytime soon (unlike Covid-19 that hopefully will disappear very soon).

So keep enjoying it whatever your reason.

Chessie. x

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