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Old Photos, Guest Books and Memories.

Old Photos, Guest Books and More.

Guest Book Memorabilia Memories Photo Collage

Recently the family had reason to all come together from their far flung homes.

They brought their families with them and as the grandkids raced around the yard, wrapped in their own little piece of space, their parents began to look more backward in time to their childhood and their lineages.

Old Family Photos Jungle Specimen Gathering New Guinea 1950s

There is nothing better than finding some royal relative or an infamous outlaw or convict, that you can boast about (or not), that sets the family apart from the regular world inhabitants.

The old fashion photo chest is dragged out, literally dragged as it is huge.

family photos collage custom memory binder

Most of the photos have stopped around 2010 as the mobile phone albums take over.

Not only does the chest hold old photos it also holds memorabilia from amazing teenage road trips, overseas adventures, rock concert tickets and signed cards from milestone birthdays and celebrations.

And more! Great grandparents travel documents wedding invitations, baby christening celebrations, 21st birthday comments, even Grandma’s recipes!

Recipe binder grandmother's recipes memories

On and on and on!

The hours pass quickly as the adult kids laugh at past fashion, gawked at their grandparents dancing or their parents with cigarettes in their hands.

The chest is a jumble and putting in a hand and pulling out a stack of photos and old address books and school reports starts off rounds of ‘I remember whens’.

A jumbled box of memories.

Happy Memories

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