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Dinosaurs "Cheeping"?

Dinosaurs Cheeping?

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Recent research has suggested that Dinosaurs did not roar, they cheeped.


Dinosaurs are closely related to the birds and as such they probably made a 'cheeping' sound rather than the throaty 'roar'.

Can you imagine the T-rex roaming the massive plains of the southern hemisphere it's heavy footfall causing the earth to tremble and any prey in it’s path quake and hide in fear.

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Stomping away with a heavy footfall and then eventually confronting its quarry with a quiet little, “Cheep! Cheep!”

I choose to believe that the mighty creatures roared and roared with gusto.

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Imagine a child’s bedspread covered in fearsome colourful Dinosaurs without the hefty roar filling in the word bubble, reaching to the sky, coming from its large jaws.

A little history.

Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago, after living on Earth for about 165 million years.

You would have thought their existence would have been long forgotten.

But Kids (little and big ) around the world have a fascination for these giant beasts.

Many Personal kids Bedspreads have a cover of the ancient lizards.

Night lights feature the Jurassic beings protecting a kid from smaller night time monsters under the bed.

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And custom party supplies are splattered with colourful renditions of the prehistoric characters.

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Roar On !

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