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Milestone Birthdays To 100 And Beyond!

Milestone custom birthday invitations 100th , 90th

90th Birthday Yellow Floral Summer Modern Invitation

100th Roses Bouquet Elegant Floral Chic Birthday Invitation

When did we stop celebrating an amazing event that has

happened to us all?

Our Birth Day!

We stopped celebrating Birthdays every year.

Childhood Milestones Birthdays are celebrated,

‘Wild ones’, ‘Too cool twos’.

children's custom birthday invitation rustic festival theme

Kids Birthday Fun Rustic Festival Invitation.

Coming of age birthdays are celebrations

at Sixteen and Twenty one.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday custom invitation in pink with butterflies

Sweet Sixteen Pink Butterflies Photo Birthday Invitation

‘Sweet 16’ is when a teenager is becoming an adult entering

a new era in their lives.

‘21’ is a legacy of a young man becoming a Knight, (also the

legal drinking age in many countries).

Both understandable reasons to celebrate a Birth Day.

There are still a lot of reasons to celebrate a Milestone


Typically, a Milestone Birthday has a big fat 0 at the end, such

as 40, 50 or 60, before we think about having a celebration party.

60th Birthday custom invitation funny chicken

60th Birthday Fun Chicken Invitation

A 'Milestone' is one of a series of numbered markers along a

road starting from a fixed commencement point; your

Birth Day!

The Milestone indicates the remaining distance to a


50 and Fabulous custom destination birthday invitation airline ticket

50 and Fabulous Boarding Pass Destination Birthday

However as most of us don’t know our remaining distance we

shouldn’t be celebrating only when we hit those Milestones.

And these days the Milestone Birthdays are becoming larger.

It is not unusual to celebrate the 90th or even a

100th Birthday.

90th birthday custom invitation milestone birthday party

90th Birthday Male Stylish Photo Monogram Birthday Invitation

I have a Mom well on her way to being 100 and I intend to

celebrate every year milestone with her not just the big, fat 0


Milestone custom birthday invitations 100th birthday

Happy Birth Day.


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