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Lets ‘Flamingle’ or ‘Flamangle’

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'Let's Flamingle'

I love this phrase - ‘Let’s Flamingle’. It conjures up images of flocks of flamingos with their long necks in-twined and lots of noise and pink wings flapping.

Or the human equivalent with music and loud voices.

Party Time

Gatherings with people leaning into each other to hear over the party noise or laughing with their heads tossed back flapping their wings (arms) in enjoyment.

flamingos custom party invitations and personal party supplies

And I suppose many humans will have red faces after a wine or two at a party much like the Flamingos red feathers after eating a prawn or two.

Sorry I have gone right off topic back to Flamingos and ‘Flamingling’ (parties)!

Just Fine Designs on Zazzle has a range of custom party invitations and personal party accessories featuring these gorgeous birds.

flamingo custom 50 and fabulous birthday invitation from just fine designs on zazzle

Flamingo Facts

Some Flamingo facts (from a New York Times article by NATALIE ANGIER )

Flamingos are ancient birds, with flamingo like fossils dating back at least 50 million years.


​​Flamingos are found patchily throughout the world, wherever there are shallow salt pans, They have specialized salt glands that allow them to excrete excess salt they ingest.

​​The birds may seem to epitomize the tropics, but they also live in the Andes, 15,000 feet above sea level, where they rest on lakes that freeze around them overnight.

(I must do a range of custom invitations and cards featuring Flamingos in Beanies!)

​​​​A Chilean flamingo that escaped from a Utah aviary made a home for itself in the Great Salt Lake, where it lived as a local celebrity for some 15 years and was given the nickname Pink Floyd.

pink Floyd flying over Lake Utah


​​They are one of the Coolest birds and Flamingos come in my favourite color Pink!

​ ​

Check out the Flamingo range of custom invitations and personal products at Just Fine Designs and have a 'Flamingle' good time.

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