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Rosh Hashanah, Pomegranates and A Sweet and Pleasant Year

rosh Hashanah pomegranate for jewish new year custom products

We have learned a lot here at just fine designs this month As Rosh Hashanah is approaching.

Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year begins on September 29th and goes through until the 1st of October (2019).

During Rosh Hashanah it is traditional to eat lots of sweet food, or more properly, there is a custom to refrain from bitter, sour or tart foods.

This is to symbolize the wish for a sweet and pleasant year.

A Sweet and Pleasant Year. What a lovely sentiment!

A Pomegranate is one highly held sweet, New Year fruit.

rosh hashanah pomegranate sweet fruit jewish new year dinner invitation

A Bit of History of the Pomegranate

Pomegranates have been cultivated in Israel (and throughout the Middle East) for thousands of years, and they continue to grow there in abundance.

The Pomegranate decorates columns in King Solomon's temple.

However Pomegranates are known as a popular "new fruit," eaten on the second night of Rosh Hashanah, even though they were well-known throughout the Mediterranean region during Biblical times.

rosh hashanah custom paper dinner  plate  jewish new year pomegranate design

A Sweet, Scarlet Fruit.

At Just Fine Designs this long lived attractive, scarlet fruit is the backdrop for a Rosh Hashanah design.

The color, shape and overall botanical look of this sweet fruit allows the pomegranate to be featured on

Home and Table décor, monogram pillows and personal gifts such as coffee mugs, kitchen towels and gorgeous bathroom products that make lovely personal New Year gifts.

5 ideas for rosh hashanah custom  table decor jewish new year pomegranate design

1) Carry a theme through.

From your Rosh Hashanah dinner invitations to your table accessories. Decide on a theme




Elegant or something else.

2) Add a Sweet Bountiful feel to your Table.

Decorate the table with an abundance of sweet fruits, honey and seasonal flowers.

Apples and Pomegranates

Pots of Honey in elegant glass jars .

Seasonal foliage and flowers to add to your centrepiece.

3) Warm the Table.

Warm the table and create atmosphere with candles lighting up your centre piece.

4) Welcome your Dinner Guests.

Welcome your dinner guests and continue your chosen theme with

Themed placemats

Personal table cards.

5) Impress your Rosh Hashanah Guests.

Impress your Rosh Hashanah guests with your own personal family wine bottle or drink bottle labels.

An there is just one more ingredient that doesn’t require listing--- Family

friends and laughter

rosh hashanah custom wine label jewish new year pomegranate design

Eat, Drink, Celebrate.

Shana Tova

Chessie. x

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