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5 Travel Essentials for a Winter Holiday with a Sprinkle of Sunshine and a Shake of Salt.

custom Invitations personal products beach scenes  Noosa Heads beach scene

Noosa Heads, Australia

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday about to happen there is excitement in the Northern air.

At least excitement is one way to keep warm because, as you know the Christmas holiday season is hot on their heels.

And the Christmas Holiday Season means the cooler weather is about to arrive.

One way to escape the nippier climates is to head of on a holiday to warmer places.

Here at Just Fine Designs someone is either planning the next holiday trip or talking about their last vacation.

Overwhelmingly the vacations are to the beach.

Some of my favourite places, Noosa Heads, Australia and Zakynthos, Greece so no complaints here

with that destination.

zakynthos greece beach

Zakynthos, Greece

So, we decided to shake our designs up a bit to compliment the vacation vibe, by adding a shake of salt along with a handful of sand and a whole lot of Sunshine.

christmas holiday custom party invitation beach vacation on zazzle

Instead of an 'Ugly Jumper' Holiday party why not host a Holiday Party with a Summer theme.

If a vacation is not on the calendar this year, well, instead of an 'Ugly Jumper' Holiday party why not host a Holiday Party with a Summer theme turning the Northern Hemisphere Winter season on its head.

beach scene laptop cover vacation christmas holiday custom monogram gift on zazzle

As I said before I love the beach and any personal gift with a beach theme will take the chill out of the air.

And of course my Laptop has an image of a favourite.

When you are all snowed in planning your next Holiday escape, on your laptop, your vacation inspiration will be right in front of you on your own custom laptop cover.

beach scene personal socks vacation christmas holiday custom monogram gift on zazzle

And putting on a pair of custom socks with a beach theme will keep the toes cosy while playing a round of Beach themed cards.

beach scene ocean view summer sky custom gift playing cards on zazzle

But wherever the destination we have put together our 5 simple travel essentials.

beach holiday travel essentials custom products personal gifts on zazzle

1) The essential personal Luggage Tag --- no one can mistake your bag for theirs wiht your own custom bag tag.

2) The essential Flip Flops --- hot beach wear and cautious bathroom wear.

3) Passport Cover ----- a custom cover reminding you where you are off to.

4) A personal Drink Tumbler ----- an easily refillable bottle.

5) A Custom Tote Bag ----- easily rolled into your suitcase for extra space when needed.

Radiating some warmth into the Cooler Christmas Holiday Season.

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