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Joy at Christmas : (despite this crazy year )

Family Christmas Holiday Joy Red Silver

Even with the Covid Virus sending the year into a spin the Christmas season is ramping up around the 'Chessie's Fine Designs' office.

Nothing seems to stop the celebration so it got me wondering as to why so many of us do get into the spirit of Christmas.

Decorating our yards, planning Christmas meals,Christmas parties and spending our time creatively placing colourful decorations on a tree, that is not really native to many of us. ​​

christmas joy stocking red custom name zazzle

Custom Christmas Holiday Greeting Personal Name. Christmas Stocking

Joy, thats the Answer.

With special efforts made to meet up (hopefully) with old and new friends, there is a feel of Joy surrounding the season.

And I especially feel Joy watching the kids look of wonder as a large man, dressing in a red suit, accompanying a herd of talking Reindeer, attempts to squeeze down a chimney (often with a fire going!)

Joy and Christmas Icons.

Another thing that brings me Joy is being creative and especially at this time of year finding new ways to present the time honoured icons of the Christmas period.

I can feel the creative muscle being stretched as I am typing.

I plan to incorporate some Unicorns and eucalyptus leaves along with the regular Christmas icons into my Christmas designs.

Christmas Unicorn Pink Glitter Girly Ceramic Ornament

Unicorns, Mermaids and Dinosaurs are so popular at the moment that I thought a few Reindeers might be feeling left out of the love.

So there is a funny reindeer design added to the mix.

christmas reindeer custom cards and products funny zazzle

Oh Deer Christmas is Here

I found this tidbit from the

'Unicorns will also be nestled amidst tree branches leading up to Christmas as 24 per cent of 2,000 people surveyed said they plan to decorate with the mythical creatures.

Others from the younger generation have decided they will express their Christmas spirit through mermaids, dinosaur, and Prosecco bottle ornaments.'

christmas mermaid custom cards zazzle

Christmas Mermaid Purple Personal Girl Snowflake Holiday Card

Oh Joy!

Love the idea of the Proseco bottle Christmas decorations!

Joy to the World.

Holly wreaths, which are one of the only botanicals around in the winter season, are joined by a range of foliage as anything goes in this global modern world.

Christmas Holiday Red Gold Custom Family Greeting Wine Label My hands are twitching as I plan the theme for our Christmas season.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere a pool or ocean view with Santa in a singlet, however I think I will stick with tradition with a Holly Wreath theme.

But still have a game of Christmas beach cricket!

How much Joy can you have.

Christmas Holiday Season Red Plaid Holly Wreath Invitation ​​

What brings you Joy at this time of the year?

Merry Joyous Christmas,

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