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The Thanksgiving Table; Eat, Drink and be Thankful.

thanksgiving  themed tablescape

I am loving the word ‘Tablescape’.

'Tablescape' --- An artistic arrangement of articles on a table

--- so precise


Experts agree that the color scheme of a space (in this case the Tablescape) can have a psychological effect on a person.

The 'Tablescape' of a Thanksgiving feast traditionally features greens and browns as Autumn turns into winter.

And guess what? Greens and browns are the colors that can promote a feeling of health and wholesomeness. Certainly the right colors for your Thanksgiving table.

Especially in this strange year we can all do with feeling healthier.

But of course your colors do not have to be limited the the traditional greens and browns.

However we all know that the main ingredient of the Thanksgiving table, or Tablescape, is the food.

Thanksgiving dinner custom invitations

image via Pinterest

A Bit of History

The first Thanksgiving feast come about with the pilgrims first harvest in 1621, consisting of the seasonal food that was available.

The food served was different to today’s Thanksgiving feast.

With one record of the first dinner recording venison being served and some sort of fowl, maybe a turkey?

Cranberries are mentioned (so it must have been Turkey).

The day was not officially declared a Holiday until Abraham Lincoln declared it in 1863

Thanksgiving dinner rustic custom tablescape  table confetti

Okay history lesson over, back to the feasting.

Roast turkey


Mashed potato


Green beans

Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin pie

Pecan pie

The list can go on and on.

thanksgiving dinner food abundance

However to make all this food that we are thankful for appeal even more

Here are 5 ideas to brighten your Thanksgiving Tablescape.

1) Carry the theme through. From your Thanksgiving dinner invitations to your table accessories. Decide on a theme




thanksgiving rustic autumn leaves custom dinner invitation

2) For a bountiful feel to your Tablescape decorate the table with an abundance of seasonal products.


Seasonal fruits and nuts.

Seasonal flowers.

thanksgiving dinner table ideas rustic autumn

3) Warm the table and create atmosphere with candles lighting up your centre piece.

thanksgiving rustic autumn leaves custom table candle

4) Welcome your Thanksgiving dinner guests and continue your idea with themed



Personal table cards.

thanksgiving dinner custom napkins rustic autumn leaves

5) Impress your Thanksgiving guests with your own personal family wine bottle or drink bottle labels.

thanksgiving dinner custom family wine label

An there is just one more ingredient that doesn’t require listing--- Family friends and laughter

Eat Drink and be Thankful.

Chessie x


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