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Valentine's Day Love Story ( re Written).

Here is new take on the 'I Love You Story' as we have the run up to the undying Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Red Heart  Love Card

I know, really? Here at Just Fine Designs we sell custom products and personal gifts!

Nothing to do with Outerspace, or space programs, like 'Virgin galactic', 'Blue Origin' or Elon musks 'SpaceX'.

That is unless you want the personal tote bag to go along with your space trip ( just like a group cruise bag, He,He).

Tropical  Sunset with Beautiful Colours Tote Bag

Childrens book Charlie Odin and the Man in the Moon

(The image above is not about Valentines day either but from one of my Kids books sold on Amazon. I did get a bit off topic).

Space Rocket Boys School Personal Notebook

I was a kid when I watched the first man, Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong walking on the moon

And even then understanding how exciting, yet in inaccessible space is. Or should I say was, with that group of tech heads working on it?

Soon booking a trip into space may not be a wild pipe dream.

Anyway, I have floated of into space for a moment when this blog topic is meant to be on the ‘I Love You’ and Valentine's day.

The Stars, the thousands of Galaxies and Astral bodies have wonderful names such as Andromeda and Betelgeuse.

Valentine Love You to the Moon Magnet Card

As the Moon has become closer to the earth the phrase ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’ needs a bit of an upgrade.

So enter Betelgeuse. ‘TaDa’!

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star located a mere 640 light-years away, I cant begin to imagine that distance. Betelgeuse is in the constellation of Orion, the one that sort of looks like a hunter with a bow ( if you look hard enough).

So 640 light years is far further than just a short trip to the Moon, at a distance of a mere 0.0000004063 light years!

At Just Fine Designs the range of Valentine products now reads ‘ I Love You to Betelguese and Back’ . Describing a much larger Love Story to celebrate Valentines Day with.

Valentine I Love You to the Moon and Back Throw Pillow

The distance Betegeuse allows for a lot more room to express your love. So ‘I Love You to Betelgeuse and Back’ has become a thing.

Who would have guessed?

And of course Just Fine Designs has this sentiment in a more tactile form designed onto a personal gift pillow and personalized t-shirts, buttons and other personal gifts.

Valentine Nerd or Geek Mens personalized All-Over-Print T-Shirt

Those sparkly stars that dot the night sky are part of everyone’s nights. We are all connected by the stars, not only on Valentine’s Day.

Here is another thought!

You could just send a Valentine’s Day card with a simple Heart!

Valentines Day Simple Heart Forever Love Card

Love You All to Betelguese and Back

Chessie. x

Just FIne Designs Customized products personal gifts

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