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Colorful and Exuberant Chinoiserie

From Apartment Therapy (Image credit: de Gournay)

Sometimes color has a mind of its own and takes over my home décor, bringing along its textured fabric, friends with it.

I gather that I am not alone in this, so if you also have this diverse lively décor I have discovered a new design style that allows you to stick a hot pink set of chairs along side a black lacquered cabinet.

I have been falling in love with Chinoiserie.

The bold rich colors, textured fabrics and images of the Chinoiserie Décor.

Vibrant green monogram  custom throw pillow Chinoiserie style

Imagining the rich textures and fabrics covering my lounge chairs and plastered across my bedroom wall with a vase holding a striking Oriental Orchid.

Well when I say I have discovered it, apparently it appears first in the 17th century.

Peaking around the 18th century with an influx of Chinese goods arriving in Europe aboard the different East India trading boats from China and East Asia.

And the style became global.

Chinoiserie is derived from the French word chinois –‘Chinese’ as it is derived from a Chinese or Oriental form of art, so I guess it has been around for a long time.

Image from Emily Henderson Style

No matter your thoughts on the above styling it is definitely 'exuberant'

check out some Chinoiserie Style throw pillows at Just Fine Designs on Zazzle.

According to my font of knowledge (Wikapedia) The Chinoiserie style is defined by it’s ‘exuberant’ decoration, asymmetry and a focus on textured materials'.

With Just Fine Designs love of color I realized that I have been following this rich design trend without even knowing.

A problem in that I can’t help but use luscious amounts of it (color) in many designs (not many black and whites in our custom product collections).

Many countries have adopted the style and put their own take on Chinoiserie, and Just Fine Designs have had a go at putting their own grasp on the style.

Custom Wedding Invitation Floral Chic Elegant Pink Gold Chinoiserie

The Just Fine Designs now collection includes a Chinoiserie range of custom products with the style on custom wedding invitations and custom milestone birthday invitations.

Introducing luxe look throw pillows featuring vibrant reds, greens and blues covered in cherry blossom branches and butterflies.

And for the vibrant lady in your life (maybe that is you!) evening purses and day clutches.

Chinoiserie Floral Blue Elegant Gold  Custom Name Clutch

Oh sooo elegant and pretty!

Custom gifts and personal products wedding invitations and home decore


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