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Some Days You Flip, Some Days You Flop. A Fashion Essential.

I love my Flip Flops and have worn them since I was a child.

Not the same pair of course!

I have Flip Flops in a range of patterns and colors to go with a few different summer outfits as well as for the beach and gardening.

flip flops sandals personal name blue and pink agate mineral rock

Slap on the Flip Flops.

One of my favourite uses for the Flip Flop is having them in my handbag on a night out.

So, I can easily slip the heels off and slap on the comfortable Flip Flops.

Now, I want to know when they became an essential fashion piece.

It was certainly before Kim Kardashian or George Clooney began stepping out in their best Flip Flops.

George Clooney in Flip Flops ( Via Pinterest)

A Bit of Flip Flop History

The name 'Flip Flop' comes from the sound the sandals make when they slap between the sole of your foot and the floor.

The oldest known pair is on display at the British Museum from 1500 BC.

elegant flip flops daisy black and white custom monogram

A Global Fashion Basic

Papyrus and palm leaves were the most common materials used in 1500BC Ancient Egypt.

Rawhide is the material of choice among the Masai of Africa.

In India, these sandals were mostly made with wood.

China and Japan they were made of Rice Straw.

The Modern Flip Flop

Today’s Flip Flop derives from the Japanese Zori sandal

which soldiers brought back to the States with them after the second world war.

japenese zori sandal

And of course the rest, as they say, is history with modern Flip Flop designs in bright colors, modern patterns, digital images, even design your own.

Moving from a sandal worn around a house to an acceptable form of stepping out footwear, mainly for casual beach wear.

flip flops beach summer image personal name custom

Today the Flip Flop is made from leather, rubber or other

sturdier textiles rather than Rice straw!

Some days you ‘Flip’ and some days you ‘Flop’ which ever way your day is going don’t forget your Flip Flops.

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