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To the Stars and Beyond ( Love You to Betelgeuse and Back)

There is a lot of talk at present, well in Australia anyway about the revamp of the Australian Space program. This is exciting news.

I was a child watching the first man, Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon and understanding how exciting yet in inaccessible it was.

Now we are back on and soon booking a trip into space may not be a wild pipe dream.

The Stars, the thousands of Galaxies and stars with wonderful names such as Andromeda and Betelgeuse.

Betelgeuse inspired some designs on personal products at Just Fine Designs. Betelgeuse is 643 light years away from Earth.

It seems too close to say ‘I love you to the moon and back’

Betegeuse allows for a lot more room to express your love. So ‘I Love You to Betelgeuse and Back’ became a thing.

I love you  with different sentiment Throw Pillow

Just Fine Designs has this sentiment in a more tactile form designed onto a personal gift pillow and personalized t-shirts.

Nerd or Geek Mens  personalized All-Over-Print T-Shirt

Those sparkly stars that dot the night sky are part of everyone’s nights . I still teach the kids to wish upon a star and explorers have used specific stars to position themselves on the earth. We are all connected by the stars.

Mother's Day Monogram Pretty and Pink Trinket Trays

Just as we are all connected to our Mother and Just Fine Designs Mother’s Day designs have the sparkly stars swirl into a silvery pattern on a pretty and pink background just to give Mom a personal, monogram Mothers day wish.

Hi Mom x

There are other platforms out there that allow unique personalized designs to be put on a range of products.

At Just Fine Designs I use Zazzle. Just like space travel where they need to conquer one planet at a time, I believe in conquering one tool at a time!


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